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The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme helps puppy buyers find breeders who follow good practice. Elmertown Labradors has proudly held its Assured Breeder status for almost a decade. In order to guarantee a responsible and rewarding experience for everyone the Kennel Club, a UKAS accredited certification body, inspect its breeders in order to ensure that the Scheme is recognised as the essential quality seal for puppy breeding and buying. Keith and Angie last welcomed inspectors in 2021.

The Assured Breeder Scheme is designed to promote good breeding practice and help prospective purchasers to identify those breeders who breed responsibly, with the health of the dogs and puppies a priority, and who take care in ensuring that their puppies go to suitable caring owners.

Members of the Scheme are required to subscribe to a set of requirements, set out in the Scheme "standard" which is designed to ensure that that the breeder continues to adopt good breeding practice, and subscribe to a set of rules and requirements, all of which are devised to assist the breeder in maintaining the standards set. See below for examples of the standards:

1. Ensure that all breeding stock is Kennel Club registered and hand over the dog's signed registration certificate at time of sale.

2. Make health of breeding stock and puppies produced a particular priority and make use of health screening schemes, relevant to their breed.

3. Allow their premises to be inspected and are assessed by a trained Kennel Club Assessor to ensure compliance with the Scheme Standard.

4. Commit to operate to high standards and duty of care and comply with all relevant laws including the Animal Welfare Act (2006) and microchipping legislation.

5. Only sell puppies bred by themselves and raised in their own safe and secure environment, which will meet all the requirements of the Assured Breeder Scheme.

6. Socialise the puppies and provide written advice on continuation of socialisation.

7. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that purchasers are able to provide a suitable home and that they are committed to caring for the dog for the whole of its life and provide reasonable after-sales advice.

8. Allow any purchaser to be able to view the puppies with their mother and siblings, in the environment that they were born and raised.

9. Commit to help, if necessary, with the re-homing of any dog that they provide within the Scheme, throughout the dog's lifetime, for whatever reason.

10. Issue a Scheme Puppy Sales Wallet for each dog sold containing up-to-date information on that puppy.


Elmertown puppies are bred from the Townsend’s family home in the heart of the South Downs in West Sussex

The Kennel Club

Elmertown puppies are Kennel Club Breeder Assured. Keith and Angie have been abiding by all of the Kennel Club standards and regulations for over a decade.

Our Puppies

Elmertown puppies are ready at 8 weeks, registered, wormed, vet checked and micro-chipped. Future owners will go through an interview process to ensure suitability and will be able to contact Keith and Angie for lifetime support and advice.

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